Friday, July 11, 2008

Color....Too much of a good thing?

There are photographers who were "born" into a world of B&W and very much like the hearing impaired, they have adapted very artistically to the constrictions their medium places on reality. Hearing aids and cochlear implants never really resolve the problems with sound for the hearing impaired and I suspect that B&W photographers will never feel comfortable in the world of color. Can color be overdone and inappropriately used? Of course. Have I been guilty of this offense? Duh!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

He makes photographs look like paintings

At an art opening last night I was introduced as a person that takes photographs and makes them look like paintings. And although it was entirely true, there was something in the intro that lodged crosswise in my throat. Except for a few hardy plein air folks, most painters use photographs as source material and therefore turn photographs into paintings. So the "brush" used to paint me would also apply to these painters. I've often seen painters blindly copy a photograph to the point of missing things that obviously need changing. If it were my intent to fool the public into thinking that the photograph were in fact an oil painting or a watercolor then that's not healthy. However, if one reduces the photographic detail to the point that it looses it heritage as a photograph and prints the piece on non "photographic" paper , people tend to see it as a painting. Because there is no texture they usually usually label it as a watercolor.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is pretty enough?

You've had a rough day and want to kick back and enjoy something light perhaps a lime sorbet. There are times when pretty is just what a person needs.